Sunday, October 24, 2010


Salam n Hi r ye all...i just finish my resume...well it is just not a plain resume... as a graphic designer...i must have to design my resume.. to attract the boss of course...haha..This is my second 1st resume was for my industrial training.. I designed it..and themes and concept i chose is 'colorful' a designer u know what i mean..

Well this time..i choose to design my resume with more of  modern and elegant look...i use dark-gray ,lime green and a royal gold colors for my resume..and i hope the interviewer attracted by my resume ...

while i design my resume..i feel like i have matured and i must get this job...I know...i will get this job...if i get this'll be very helpful to my family..

Actually i plan to continue my further study...but i've  changed my plan...coz of my family..My bro bought a new house for my family...A big house with a big price.. and he struggling to pay for would be selfish if i just let 'em carry the burden and i cont my studies...So i chose to work....that's d story...oK..enough d .

here's my designed resume

how's it?

comment it ...criticize it !!

p/s sorry for my poor language