Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hi guys,im pleased to know you all,well,im new to this blogger world..the purpose of making this blog is to introduce my name to the DesigNation. What i mean by DesigNation is designer and designs from all over the world.

Erm..ok ...let me introduce myself...My name is Ahamed Noor..(Pride of Light) the meaning of my name..haha..Papa name Abu Subian(passed away)...Mama ,Aisah Bee...i got 6 brothers and 3 including myself that would be 10..a big family rite...we known as Noor Brothers in my "mamak" community...because of our last name "noor"...ok that's enough for now..i'll add some more about my family in my next post... nearly forget to show my family logo...(well,i just did this for fun purpose...but it looks wonderful i guess..hope so..haha)
here it is...Ta- Da

how's it?..

ok guys...i will add more of my designs ..if u like..u can contact me...we can make a deal..Or..if u want to criticize my design..u r most welcome...Or...if u need a tutorial on my any me..get my email id in my profile..phew...that's all for u all guys...Gd'Nite And Salam

p/s extra focus on the red-highlighted words :P


  1. hye mr ahamed, nk jd followers bole?? hehehe... sy pn nk bjinak2 gak dlm dunia designer ni... aja la skit... hihihihi=]

  2. hehe..sure la leh...awak atau frens2 awak pn leh join...mana taw mereka nak designs ke pe2 ke..leh la kite make deal..awak leh dpt komisen jgk...haha...muaaaaahx

  3. sure, kalo de project pape kte gtaw awk k.. haha=p wek...