Thursday, December 23, 2010

My sweet project

Salam and hi to all...

ok today i going to show my latest projects picture...i've been designing for Persatuan India Muslim Seremban for a year...and i've designed many things for's about how enjoying this project was...i spend a big time for them...and i use modern-Islamic concepts for all this project...

Here's the logo i designed for Persatuan India Muslim Seremban :)

there was 2 concepts i use to design this logo...

1.Person silhoutte
Green Colored - person silhouette Logo

Yellow-Purple Logo

Person Silhouette 

This is my 1st Idea for the logo design..A Muslim boy/Muslim girl silhouette ...the yellow is  morning/day  and purple is night..And u can see the moon around the silhouette...and overall it means that the Persatuan is about  living as muslim ...and...erm..sorry i cant get the suitable word...later i will the comment space...
Unfortunately this logo has not been selected..

Then i try on my second concept

2.Mosque as silhouette

Selected Logo

Mosque silhouette

Logo with Dark Background

Im happy...finally this logo has been selected..and they really love the design....well this one is about give yourself to Islam ...
OK...that's all...comment and critics are welcome :)...


  1. Asalamu Alaikum,

    Can I pay you to borrow this logo for a pamphlet I would like to make? I can show you the pamphlet when its done and you can tell me if you want your logo used on it. Your art is alhamdullilah, beautiful! So let me know please.